About the project!
Call of Duty has released dozens of video games, Modern Warfare III being the latest addition last November. Each game has a zombies section, a campaign style achievement game where you fend off World War II zombies. MWIII is the first to have the main storyline based on zombies. They’re awesome. The sounds are crazy. Knowing zombies don’t exist... where do the zombie voice effects come from?

In comes Gwen, the blue eyed blonde voice of the lifeless screeches in Call of Duty. This TikTok series is from the perspective of cameraman / vlogger Andrew, a 20-something failed engineer / massage chair technician / gamer hybrid, who seeks to unravel the stories of Gwen’s life and career as the zombie voice actress. Leveraging the celebriti-fication of TikTok influencers, Gwen becomes a sort of influencer or mascot for MWIII. The aim is to tap into new markets and play around with brand tone through different voices and vehicles; focusing on creating original, enjoyable, very-subtly-branded content. Above is a highlight reel of what we’ve shot so far as I push the videos out to TikTok.

Gwen / Writer / Editor / Social Manager - Gabrielle Loughlin
Andrew / Grip - Andrew Harper
Jack - Jack DeMare